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Let’s shop local!

Recently I’ve ordered two books from my local bookstore. The reason? I’m able to purchase them online and they’ll be delivered to my home which was very convenient since I had to isolate. And of course I’m helping my local bookstore! I’ve ordered one English book. The UK hardcover was difficult to find for some reason but they had one for me so yay! The other one is a Dutch limited edition and the main reason that I wanted to place an order. Let’s check out the books!

As you can see the two books were in gift wrap. It really felt like a present when the bookstore personally! delivered them. It definitely encourages me to order from them again. This feels much more personal than a random delivery guy bringing me my books.

I had ordered the standard edition of House of sky and breath by Sarah J Maas that matches my copy of CC1 and the Dutch limited edition of Gallant by V. E. Schwab that has sprayed edges, exclusive endpapers (art by @lasq.draws) and an embossing on the hardback. It’s super pretty! Check out the pictures below for all the gorgeous details.

Long story short. I’m happy with my new beautiful books and will order more often from my local bookstore because their service is amazing!


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