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Illumicrate Debut Box unboxing – Cemetery Boys

This unboxing contains spoilers!

Theme of the box

Description by Illumicrate

We are so thrilled to announce our next Debut Box! We introduced these in 2019 and we’re so happy to be bringing you one now featuring Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas! We totally fell in love with the voice of Yadriel and the world of Cemetery Boys, and we know you will too!

The box will come with the book, a signed bookplate and an author letter from Aiden Thomas. We will also be including a pin and woodmark inspired by the book and designed in collaboration with @aidenschmaiden!

Item 1 & 2

The box came with two items. This beautiful enamel pin and a woodmark. I really love the style of them! The book also included a bookmark which Aiden has signed in gold. It totally suits the vibe!


This is the standard edition of the book that also came with a bookplate (which is in the other picture) and an author letter!


I managed to snatch this box with the leftover sale in… 2020 or 2021? I dunno😂 Anyway I had never made time to post this but I decided to do it today. I’m really happy that I managed to get a hold on this box! I really love the items that were included with it. Fun fact: this is the first debut box that I’ve ever gotten from Illumicrate.


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